Colorful Conch Hongkong Group Co. Ltd.

Colorful Conch Hongkong Group Limited is a modern enterprise, which is engaged in the development, research, production and sales of construction machinery, painting and machinery sprayers. Juye Colorful Conch E-commerce Limited, which belongs to the management of Beijing headquarter, is in charge of modern e-commerce operations of the group’s 12 franchise manufacturers and over 700 agents and distributors.
Colorful Conch Hongkong Group Limited is at the forefront of the world’s machinery spraying, which owns the most advanced technique and products. Colorful conch will keep maintain the innovation spirit of sophisticated technology, and lead the development of China’s construction machinery spraying. Standing at the forefront of technology, we will set sail upon the waves with high spirit. With the rich soil of mechanized spraying, we believe that we can create values for spraying workers, so they can truly benefit from the potential wealth brought by mechanization.

Why Do You Choose Colorful conch Hongkong group co. Ltd.
  • Professional Team

    It has strong economic and technical strength, advanced service concept, excellent technical researchers and sales staff, advanced quality testing equipment and professional technique.

  • Our Certificate

    Product quality is the lifeline of the Colorful conch Group and and scientific innovation is motive power. Colorful conch Group got Patent certificate

  • Customization Requirements

    In the future, Colourful conch will give full play to existing advantages to strive to construct an industry-leading professional and strong enterprise group with the professional company as the subject

  • Complete After-Sale Service

    We serve a wide range of domestic and oversea clients with a prompt, reliable and professional service at very competitive rates. All of our staffs are highly trained and offer a professional, courteous and friendly service.

Latest News

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      High pressure airless spray machine used in industrial production, to the construction of a lot of convenience, especially in the process of paint spraying.

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Over the years, Colorful conch has concentrated on research and development of constructional engineering machinery, always stands on the front line of automatic spraying machine production technology